In-House Seminars

The new road transport legislation is a complex issue which, under normal circumstances, could easily take months to come to terms with. Considering the competitive nature of business in every field today, a professional service provider simply cannot allocate that amount of time to a secondary concern – even one with potential consequences as high as this. Attempting to learn about National Traffic Fines, the inherent challenges is a minefield to navigate.
Professional assistance from SASMiNT is the preferred solution that companies are using to gain a thorough understanding of the many challenges and processes. As leaders in this industry, SASMiNT develops seminars according to industry specific needs and constantly updates content to reflect the ever changing legislation. These workshops & seminars increase productivity and enhance business continuity. By contacting one of our consultants today you can discuss your concerns and unique situation. You will receive expert advice based on many years of practical experience. By taking some time to examine your company culture, rather than simply your industry, we are able to develop highly accurate and detailed reports on how to streamline your transition from former business practices into the necessary alterations or adaptation needed to ensure your company’s  compliance. Seminars which are tailored to specific companies and industries are, naturally, far more effective than generalised information. A generalised seminar can lead to large or mid-sized corporations adopting operating changes which are onerous, expensive in time and capital, and also entirely unnecessary due to loop holes or exceptions pertaining to certain business practices. A large mind shift in your day-to-day business processes is a necessity.

With a tailor made seminar for your leadership team, the adaptation can be become a seamless process that makes experts out of your own staff members. This kind of tutorial is also highly creative and encourages team building which, combined with its other advantages, makes the experience enriching as well as educational.

Contact a SASMiNT consultant today to discuss your business and concerns regarding the new road transport legislation.