After conducting numerous seminars on driver behavior and vehicle roadworthiness, it is evident that a majority of people believe that increased government law enforcement would greatly contribute to solving these issues.

The question I would like to raise is: Where should law enforcement begin?

Should it start with the government itself, the vehicle owners, the proxy (intermediary), the fleet manager, or the company management?

It is a fact that companies and individuals can have a greater impact on improving road safety than any government law enforcement authority by simply taking responsibility for their own actions.

For instance, consider the case of the largest online store in South Africa, which utilizes independent vehicle owners for delivering parcels across the country. While they claim to create employment, many of these deliveries are carried out using vehicles that are in poor condition and not roadworthy. In this scenario, the company should take responsibility by thoroughly vetting the independent delivery vehicles to ensure compliance with the National Road Traffic Act. They should also require regular vehicle inspection sheets from these independent drivers to ensure ongoing compliance. By doing so, they would enhance their brand reputation and contribute to safer roads for everyone.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this matter. It is always valuable to gather insights from others on this controversial topic.

Please share your comments below, keeping them respectful, constructive, and free of offensive language. Comments will be reviewed and published online for everyone to see, offering an opportunity for learning.

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5 thoughts on “LAW ENFORCEMENT – and You?

  1. DuGallan says:

    Companies are only interested in bottom line profits and ignore the fact that they are responsible for driver behaviour and vehicle condition. The road carnage in South Africa is due to management not taking responsibility and using the current law enforcement weaknesses to benefit themselves. They simply don’t care.

  2. Miriam says:

    I think that this is such an important matter. In a matter of 1 kilometer, I was cut off twice and almost went into a driver dropping off passengers as he just stopped on the curve.NO WARNING EITHER.

    1. DuGallan says:

      Of course you are right. Responsibility starts with the owner of the vehicle. Unfortunately these hooligans have got to used to breaking the law and getting away with it.

  3. sandy says:

    With Government

    1. Doug Warren says:

      Hi Sandy,
      In theory the government should enforce the laws. However the Private sector use the current lax enforcement laws to benefit themselves.

      For example- It is more cost effective for vehicle owners to keep their vehicles in an unroadworthy condition. Why invest in new tyres when I can drive on smooth? If caught by Law Enforcement, the Rand value penalty is far less than the outlay for new tyres.
      Fleet owners send their drivers out in unroadworthy vehicles as they never suffer the consequences of their actions. The Driver does.

      Thats why Law Enforcement must start with the vehicle owner. They were issued with a driver and vehicle licence subject to laws governing this. As time goes by they lean more to breaking the law than adhering to it.

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