Is a SUPERBIKE a tool to break the law?
You will seldom find owners adhering to road laws and speed limits.

Many obscure their numberplates, drive recklessly, speed excessively and have little regard for others. It seems they feel they have a right to abuse the laws that govern other motorists.

VIEW VIDEO HERE (Not for sensitive viewers. Graphic in Content)

What are your thoughts on this?
It is always nice to garner thoughts from others on this controversial subject.

Leave your comments hereunder on what your thoughts are? (Keep it clean, above board and no foul language. Comments wil be vetted and posted online for all to see and a learning curve for some.)

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5 thoughts on “SUPERBIKES & the LAW

  1. Peter Flint says:

    Ban them along with the Harley Davidsons.

  2. Jackie Abrahamse says:

    Both are equally responsible. The Law should be enforcing legislation and the superbike owner should be ensuring that the abide by the Law of the land. Open the race ways for super bikers to get their thrills on the weekends, during the week ride your bike like a responsible citizen.

  3. Lorraine says:

    Super Bikes are a danger to the owner as well as other road users as often they are travelling at high speed between vehicles and are not seen until they scream past a vehicle. They need to respect other road users and abide by the speed restrictions. The law and policing should be enforcing such laws not only for super bikes but for all road users.

  4. Prinsloo says:

    Really? One video of one reckless moron and now all superbike drivers are irresponsible? Do you know how many motorists I see on a daily basis run red lights? Not even to mention these reckless truck drivers who think they own the road. Some people in society are morons and reckless drivers. DEAL WITH IT! The majority of us are responsible and law abiding and do not deserve to get punished for other people’s actions. Law enforcement only works when society obeys the laws. If you break the law you need to accept the consequences. There are far more important issues in this country than this.

    1. Jody Williams says:

      I agree with you 100%. Focus on applying the law across all spheres and hold all accountable as prescribed by law … taxis, general drivers and truck drivers alike. It is not only as superbike problem. Those who criticize bikers (in my 32 year experience on a bike) are generally envious of them!!!

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