2024 Legals

2024 Legals

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Legal requirement charts to be displayed as per Labour Department requirements. eLegals for Management available 24/7 on compatible internet devices.


Your 2024 Legal Chart Order. (Total Value R9400 – You pay only R1500)

A1 Full Colour Compulsory Charts to Display. 

Summary – Basic Conditions of Employment Act
• Includes – Environmental regulations.
Summary – Employment Equity Act
• Includes – Facilities regulations.
Occupational Health and Safety Act

eLegislation Library (FREE)

  1. Basic Conditions of Employment Act (Full Act)
  2. Employment Equity Act (Full Act)
  3. Occupational Health and Safety Act
  4. Minimum Wage Act (2024/25)
  5. Labour Relations Act
  6. CCMA Guidelines
  7. POPI Act (Protection of Personal Information Act)
  8. Skills Development Act
  9. Cybercrimes Act
  10. General Administrative Regulations
  11. COID Act (Compensation of Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act)
  12. Tobacco Products Control Act
  13. CODE-Good Practice on the Prevention & Elimination of Harrasment in the Workplace
  14. CODE-Good Practice on People with Disabilities.
  15. CODE-Dismissal in a Nutshell
  16. CODE-Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value
  17. CODE-HIV and AIDS & the World of Work
  18. CODE-Protection of Employees during Pregnancy
  19. CODE-Practice on The Arrangement of Working Time.
  20. ESKOM-Debt Relief Act. (For Information Only)


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